There are industrial style manufacturers that produce all kinds of accoutrements for factories and producers of all kinds of products. An aluminum mesh filter can be washed, and custom air filters are probably some of the most common parts that they provide but these are absolutely necessary for a clean working environment.

Wherever there is a lot of dust in the manufacturing process, not only are these used to keep the air clean for the workers to perform their duties, they are also necessary so that the machines do not get clogged up with debris. By making them removable and washable, this means that a regular maintenance program can be put in place. This obviously lengthens the life of the machinery too since dust and debris will have some effect on moving parts eventually. These systems are usually used in processes like paper making, where there is a lot of wood dust from the manufacturing process, cloth making, where even cotton fibers can be flying around the whole day, or anything in the food industry where flour like substances are used. Indeed, all this is bad for the workers too so this really is a process where air has to be cleaned all the time. On industrial machinery, there are intakes which the engine needs to keep firing and these too will need something to catch any debris in the air so that it does not have to be sucked into the engine.

Likewise where water is being pumped, polypropylene type components are probably the best ones to use since metal could corrode over time. However, these too have to be kept in Filter Presses for sale pristine order so that the whole system does not get clogged and stop the water from getting through to where it is needed.

These systems have now been used in third world countries too where clean water is a big problem. Polypropylene tubes are made so fine that they will allow water to get through but no microbes that could harm the people. It is often the microbes that start up bacterial problems so having these personal water cleaners in place means that whole families can get water from sources which in the past would have caused dysentery and other fatal diseases. Most companies that have overhauled their systems within their factories and work places have noticed that by putting in these newer and washable systems, the cost of keeping air clean, and machines working of course, has gone down by up to two thirds. This is an incredible saving considering that their bill for man hours are so great.

Rather than keeping out dated systems in place then, this may be the time to replace all the systems and put in something that is washable, renewable, efficient and cleaner than the system that is there now. Take a look online to see which companies specialize in this kind of system and ask advice directly from them. It may not be that expensive to switch over but the savings made will surely pay for the transition before too long.