Raising healthy birds means always providing them with the best conditions possible. And one of the most important aspects of a healthy environment is the air quality. Feathers, dust, dander from one bird is a lot, but they multiply exponentially with numerous birds. Here are 5 things your air purifier should be able to do to insure healthy birds.

Provide Constant Filtration----Housing a large number of birds will almost surely mean constant motion. Flying, preening, playing, swinging are all normal healthy activities that generate lots of bird-related pollutants.

Because their air passages are so tiny, it is very easy for air that is thick with pollutants to cause their airways to become clogged. This is often the first step towards disease and infection that is sometimes impossible to cure.

Having a purifier that can operate safely all the time is the best. This means pollutants are never allowed to build to an unhealthy level.

HEPA Technology---A high efficiency particle arresting filter should be considered as a must for any purifier that is to be effective. This type of filter can remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 airborne particles that are.3 microns in size or greater.

This includes airborne particles that you can see such as feathers and dust, but it also removes the invisible dander (that every bird sheds) which is a potent allergen for those who suffer from respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma.

Easy Maintenance---Raising birds is time consuming enough without having to constantly clean or change filters in the air cleaner you use. A cleaner that requires only that you vacuum the outside when you clean the rest of the aviary will save time and money that would otherwise be spent on replacement filters. A low maintenance cleaner will also allow the cleaner to do more filtering rather than being out of commission for frequent filter changes.

Flexible Placement---Sometimes finding a place can be difficult if your purifier is not flexible in where it can be placed to operate effectively. Did you know that there are some cleaners that require center placement in a room?

A purifier that needs only 6 inches clearance from any surface, can operate high or low in your space, can be rolled from one area to another, and that can operate wherever you can plug it in allow it to fit in wherever you need it most.

Multiple Filtration Process---One filter is better than none, and 4 filters are better than one particularly if each is designed to target a different size pollutant. A 4-stage filtration process helps your cleaner multi-task at clearing the air.

A purifier with large and medium particle pre-filters trap particles that can be seen and allow HEPA filtration to deal with the minute particles. Carbon cloth adds an extra layer of particle filtration and is also effective against gases and odors.

With these features in an air cleaner, you can be assured the air will be the healthiest it can be for both the birds and those who care for them.