Cats produce dander as a natural part of their growth and development. And the production of dander will continue for as long as they live. This is not good news if you love a cat and are allergic. But here are 5 simple steps that you can take to minimize the amount of cat dander in your home.

1. Clean Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces--Dander is sticky stuff so it is able to cling to most anything. Regularly wiping walls and horizontal surfaces can greatly reduce dander. Using a damp cloth to wipe walls, windows, doors and other vertical surfaces is a good idea. Wash the cloth that you used immediately so that the dander is eliminated for good.

2. Groom Your Cat-Many people think that cat hair is the problem when really the millions of pieces of shedding hair help the dander spread. So controlling the amount of hair loose hair will help.

Talk with your veterinarian to create a bath schedule that is the right frequency for your cat. Bathing to often can dry out the skin and ultimately create even more dander production. Brush your cat regularly to remove excess hair, and if possible do it outside of your living space for obvious reasons.

3. Opt for Cleanable Surfaces-Vertical blinds, shades, and shutters are much easier to remove cat dander from than curtains. Likewise washable slip covers, leather, or other fabrics that wipe down easier make living with a cat and its dander easier to deal with.

Vinyl, linoleum, or tiled flooring rather than carpet is easier to damp mop as well. And while this shift in decor may need to be a gradual one, it's much more doable if you keep these cleaning solutions in mind.

4. Vacuum Frequently-Removing the dander with a vacuum that has a filter that is capable of trapping the dander without releasing them into the air again will help remove it from horizontal surfaces such as upholstered furniture, hardwood or carpeted floors. One with a HEPA filter will yield the best results.

5. Filter Your Air-Some cat dander will still go into your air even you follow all of the suggestions above. Using a purifier with a high efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) filter will work 24 hours a day.

Constantly removing the dander that your cat will continue to produce for as long as you have it will help immediately. Dander cannot be eliminated 100 percent, but this systematic and varied approach can mean the difference between being able to live with a cat or not.